The Tears of Hypatia


Love stood pristine a paragon of prolific ideals yet there are no words today to describe her divine feminine virtue proud independence, intellect, and enlightened awareness. Beasts hiding as man could not let stand beauty too powerful to comprehend then, now, perhaps one hundred thousand years or more before he found fire! Savages must reveal themselves as such in the presence of a Cosmic Goddess.

From; Crumbling Sandcastle Designs, Volume 6, By Alan Kenneth Paine

ebook to the Matriarch Society
The coming Matriarch Society


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Secrets of the Universe (Bonus Chapter 13)



Spirituality and visions were discussed in an earlier chapter and it may be important to mention 3 great leaders of enlightenment here as it may illustrate a point about philosophy and the lack thereof while also putting these heroes in a new context as it relates to women and the future. We will briefly discuss Gautama Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, and The Dalai Lama.


Buddha was born of aristocracy and such does not preclude one from enlightenment. However, it does taint the messenger a bit in the eyes of a Poet. Nevertheless, there are many paths to enlightenment and meditation is one. Buddha tells you to spread love and you do and you think you are enlightened. You are not. You did not do the work Buddha did to get to enlightenment. You cannot skip through life and call yourself something that you are not. You should have taken what was useful from Buddha and moved on to higher pursuits. Instead, you embrace a strange false sense of self-esteem into a status-quo life. Because Buddha came from Aristocracy, his enlightenment never took him to the glory of women. If the teachings of Buddha were workable as a way of life or religion then the nation of India would not today be one of the cesspools of the world.

Mahatma Gandhi should be remembered as the great freedom fighter he was leading India to independence and inspiring civil rights movements around the world. I am afraid he should not be remembered for much more. Again, the argument is look at India today. Also, what did Gandhi ever do for women? What great statement did Gandhi ever make about women? We have already discussed the fact that people who are great in one realm of life may be ignoramuses in other realms of life.

Dalai Lama FB Religion

We save the best for last in The Dalai Lama. Dalai Lama is a term given to the current spiritual teacher or guru of Tibet. He is chosen at birth I suspect by his birth chart or a message from the stars. The religion is Tibetan Buddhism differing from Hindu Buddhism I know not how and it is unimportant here. What is important is a quote attributed to The Dalai Lama reaching the Poet through Facebook.


I suspect the statement came from the current Dalai Lama if in fact he did make it. Well, the question then becomes why did neither Gandhi nor Buddha reach as high as The Dalai Lama in their ascension to enlightenment? We give much respect here to the Dalai Lama. A life accepted by The Dalai Lama should be taken by few men. He could not see what I see because his path to enlightenment is on a lesser level. The Dalai Lama is commanded to share his enlightenment as the cosmos commands such visionaries. He could not contemplate how his philosophy affects a mind looking for a shortcut. You must move on to higher matters or remain lost in the fog. More importantly you must do the work. The universe waits to talk to you and bestow great gifts. However, one cannot skip steps taken by The Dalai Lama and expect to be enlightened. The true matriarch society would have been discovered long ago if such were true. You must do the work to become a visionary and even then it simply may not be in your code.


It would appear The Dalai Lama and I are on the same page. The ‘matriarch society’ as prescribed here is not a vision but a solution to a vision of extinction. The Poet has only had two enlightening visions better described as ‘Cosmic Transferences’ spurred by Earthly Goddesses.

Quite respected here, it is the Dalai Lama alone who stands above the rest mentioned previously. The Dalai Lama is the only one of the three who never married. Tibetan monks do not marry and have no sex. The Dalai Lama is forever cut off from the highest ascension into spirituality and enlightenment because such a path leads through the Earthly Goddess and without her all men seeking spirituality and enlightenment will be limited in their pursuits. Buddha and Gandhi could not see or comprehend glorious gifts of the source in their own home. One has to wonder what the Dalai Lama could do if he were indeed married to an Earthly Goddess. NAMASTEDalai LamaThe-Dalai-Lama-007

WOMAN ON FIRE: Ending The War Against Women (Bonus Chapter 13)


It appears the people to a large degree need role models whether they admit it or not.  Some admit the opposite to a fault.  That is to say if a person has said something dreadful or otherwise gone afoul as to our philosophy we will hear no more from such person even if the information is new and perhaps helpful.  I remember posting something on Facebook from Fox TV celebrity, John Beck and someone had something derisive to say about him as opposed to the actual content of the post which I believe was about heroic Civil War men and women.  I have seen so much of this new faulty reasoning that I had to give it a name; Raising Ignorance to a Virtue.

Know that my mission can be stated as ending the war against women or saving humanity from extinction.  The statements are one in the same and I am here by stars and planets otherwise known as cosmic force I choose to call, Goddess.  I do not wish anyone to do as I do other than finding and answering your calling.  We are all  here with a mission.  I come to burn decaying culture to make way for Beauty.

Plato had a penchant for boys; Thomas Jefferson owned slaves, Albert Einstein was a bad father, and the list goes on and on until you just have to get over it knowing few of our heroes were perfect.  Looking for perfection belongs in the realm of spiritual journey and many of you are on the wrong path or no path at all.  A distant future sees a train heading toward a world dominated by Pagans and a love for Earth.  Do not be late for this train.


Spiritual Warrior

Cosmic Transference

The Riddle

American Unearned Superiority (Chapter 5)

"New Study: TV Violence Makes People More Afraid Of Crime, But Not Afraid There Is More Crime"
“New Study: TV Violence Makes People More Afraid Of Crime, But Not Afraid There Is More Crime”

American Unearned Superiority

Bringing down the patriarch matrix will be discussed in a later chapter. Getting rid of an awful culture is another matter altogether. We know who is responsible for the war against prostitution for it is a war against sexuality and individual rights. We know who seeks control of women by repressing their sexuality and denying their individual rights. What are the repercussions of such oppression with regards particularly to prostitution? Outlawing and disgracing prostitution in America has given policemen in particular and all men in general an unearned dominance and status over women and in so doing has encouraged a culture of violence, filth, and mediocrity. Outlawing prostitution has raised the police to unearned status and the patriarchal matrix responsible for it is played out continually in reality and culture.

Day of shame in the Middle East: Female protesters beaten with metal poles as vicious soldiers drag girls through streets
Day of shame in the Middle East: Female protesters beaten with metal poles as vicious soldiers drag girls through streets

American government and their bedmate religion have been attempting to dictate morality to the masses before the ink was dry on the Constitution. The reality of the situation is that they have both been in fact quite successful in this Dr. Frankenstein mentality to control and subjugate the masses to their elite personal gain. The costs to society have been loss of life and violence radiating through culture. Prohibition in the 1920s was dictated upon America by religion and government and gave rise to mobsters and organized crime. Aside from the killings and government corruption it spawned, gangsters and the good guys chasing them became a part of popular culture. Crime themed-television shows mirrored reality and continue to mirror reality in the same way to this day.

Rhode Island Police Officer Edward Krawetz kicks handcuffed woman in the head.
Rhode Island Police Officer Edward Krawetz kicks handcuffed woman in the head.
All California Law Enforcement are cursed by this beating never to brutalize another woman.
All California Law Enforcement is cursed by this beating never to brutalize another woman.

Prostitution is illegal by government fiat backed by religious morality. What do we see on television and movies? We see an entire culture perpetrated by government and religion dictating morality to the masses. Other than “Pretty Women”, has there ever been a movie that glorified a prostitute or prostitution? To be accurate Julia Roberts really was not glorified in the movie. She was treated well. “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” may be the best movie in the minds of some people. “Risky Business” and other such movies as “Night Shift” held ladies of the night in softer hands, however both films were more about the men and seen through male or patriarchal matrix eyes. Has there ever been a television show or movie that has even shown a prostitute or prostitution in a positive light? (Happy Hooker)  I do not have to do any research on this matter to answer in the negative. Now ask yourself why there has been no positive television shows or movies about prostitution? It is certainly legal in a few counties in the state of Nevada. Prostitution became illegal throughout America between 1910 and 1915. So then, we know that there was a time when prostitution flourished and men reaped the benefits. The fact that prostitution and some prostitutes were well regarded throughout history is no secret. So, why has no rebel type film-maker come forward thinking out of the box and given us something we have never seen regarding a High Priestess?


American culture is tainted by the patriarchal matrix and feminist retaliation. As we topple them both, culture changes slowly to reflect a new society. That is to say, one hopes that culture changes and reflects a shift to higher consciousness beings instead of hairy evil or incompetent apes and their female counterparts. If humanity is to escape the abyss of extinction then prostitution must be viewed by the masses in a new light. And, if that is going to happen it will be because persons controlling distribution of artistic and news content will want it to happen or are forced by taxation to do so instead of the daily drivel delivered now. Prostitution is a form of sexuality and if we are to have a free society then women must be free to express their sexuality in any way they choose so long as it does not infringe upon the individual rights of others. Sexuality is a natural part of existence and to repress it in any way is to negate a natural element of human existence. To negate human sexuality is to negate humanity and is therefore anti-human.


I Lais, once of Greece the pride,
For whom so many suitors sigh’d,
Now aged grown, at Venus’ shrine
The mirror of my youth resign;
Since what I am I will not see,
And what I was I cannot be.

–  Julian the Egyptian

When Lais of Corinth graced the streets of ancient Greece, she was the most famous prostitute in the world and held a status comparable to a great doctor. She was probably comparable to a Dr. or psychologist like Freud. Given time and the attention of adults it can and will happen again to the next great courtesan. Culture is in need of a renaissance and the firestorm coming to cleanse the planet of evil and end the war against women will allow new voices to be born and heard. It is time for a higher form of thinking.

Instead of celebrating a Lais or Aspasia, America loves Kojak, Dirty Harry, and action heroes killing 88 men with a Samurai sword alone. Now, America celebrates or wants to celebrate their female counterparts as every bit as blood thirsty killers as the men. Such is the legacy of feminism.Violent Women

Pimps were created by the matrix just as mobsters were created by the patriarchal matrix years ago through Prohibition. Feminism is a part of the matrix that threw some women to the gutter to be preyed upon by evil men. Circumstance in life will force some women to prostitute. She should have that choice to do it safely. Some women who like sex may want to prostitute regardless of circumstance and it is of no concern to the populace. She should have that right to go into business and practice her business safely. People continued to drink liquor during Prohibition and prostitution continues where it is outlawed. Prostitution will continue but now it has no protection from law enforcement. Law enforcement becomes part of the problem gaining a false moral superiority and degrading society through a love for violence.

WomanonFire BookCover 66

WOMAN ON FIRE: Ending The War Against Women, Chapter 6 by Alan Kenneth Paine, Marquis Who’s Who in America, Arts & Literature, 2005-2010


Upon more extensive analysis, it can be seen that our societal fascination with crime as entertainment is really a calling to address a deeper need of the human spirit. Although we may be perpetually drawn to that which is taboo, the way we drink from the fountain of bloodshed and violence – whether at the movies or news of the latest war – is rather morbid, and should alert us to wondering why we have become so numb as to have to continually shock our-selves into feeling anything at all. Through asking ourselves what it is that we truly need, I think what we will find is that we need to feel. We need to feel alive, and we need to feel connected to ourselves and to the world. – See more at:

Many of you are new to my posts and I find myself repeating messages given on Facebook.  Still, it must be done.

Even the Poet cannot fully describe the gifts of the High Priestess though I give a good try in my book and it is better than anyone else because no one else has ever quantified societal benefits of prostitution.  Even though I have just begun I grow tired of it and I shall soon concentrate on preparing the world for a new future rather than convincing fools.

The issues of abortion and prostitution are easy and Americans are urged to get a grip on it because the message I have come to deliver regarding extinction will result in the next leap forward for humanity up the evolutionary ladder.  Abortion and prostitution are about evolution and it is why many humans have not been evolving.  Humanity is devolving and it will end sooner than you think.  Reign of the Beasts comes to an end one way or the other as it is time for Beauty.


Did Tina Fey call out Cosby allegations in a 2009 episode of '30 Rock?'
Did Tina Fey call out Cosby allegations in a 2009 episode of ’30 Rock?’

At the time of this writing a Monster is being uncovered in the body of celebrity, Bill Cosby.  It appears that the man is a Serial Rapist and perhaps the worst ever known in America.  This is the kind of man who would disgrace and shame a prostitute.  Such an Earth Goddess could have helped him reach up to a Goddess instead of the gutter that is his soul.  Like the Monster, Joe Paterno hiding in plain sight, the Monster that is Bill Cosby will soon crawl away in a hole to die never to see justice.  Let us hope that he has not fathered any monsters and his children should know great shame until one or all of them make amends for the sins of the father.

Spiritual Warrior


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Tunisian Goddess of Freethought

Tunisian Goddess

Did we dream of youth daunting defiance?  Did we dream of you,

Statuesque pose, majestic and spectacular?

Where violets shrink, heroes hear a call.

Over madness and monsters with eyes of blood, one dared to rise.

Standing tall among murderous cowards

Petulant youth rises to be heard.

Among the Darkness of Humanity,

Among his foaming dogs of death, there you were standing tall.

Shaming us all, Goddess, you stood so tall.

Tell them all, Goddess! Tell them all! Reason owns the infinite night!

Beneath creeping assassins, under blade of knife

Vibrant Voice pierces through it all!

Reason wrenches back an old ruined shroud

Unmasking Beasts hiding in plain sight

Goddess with your mighty Clarion Call

Ripping down curtains exposing them all

Gentle Beauty of hands too small

We weep as such danger renders your life.

If you do fall… one hundred will rise!

One hundred Goddesses standing so tall

Fight and die for a Goddess we knew not at all.

Tunisian Goddess will never die!

Risking such life bestows empathy– and, we cry.

Fighting for our rights to think and be free

Against mortal mobs our Goddess shall rise!

–Alan Kenneth Paine February 17, 2013


Belly Dancer (Song of Shakti)


Dance, Belly Dancer, dance! Give me your love once more.

Erotica dances tonight. Sweet dreams

I hold so tight.

Deep from the heart of your country

Bringing spice to a pulsating palette

Taste so pure, exotic, and intense

Feel steam as a train whistle blows.

Go, Belly Dancer, go! Give me your love once more.

Dance by my campfire light. Sweet dreams

I hold so tight.

Dark eyes and veil may hide

Innocence or Lolita in heat

Swaying thighs so fine

Smothering hot breath of ecstasy.

Dance, Belly Dancer, dance! Give me your love once more.

Erotica dances tonight. Sweet dreams

I hold so tight.

Divine Goddess of sensuality

From India to the heart of Pakistan

Lost in the thick of your jungle

Primal femininity affirming I am Man.

Dance, Belly Dancer, dance! Love rides my dreams once more.

Rolling sweetly your hips don’t lie.

As I drink from sweet cherry wine.

Go, Belly Dancer, go! Dance over my dreams tonight.

Rolling sweetly your hips don’t lie.

Fantasy love of my life!

Belly Dancer 4

Firestorm Omega Diary


The Riddle

November 22, 2014

Why can we no longer reproduce?  Such is the riddle of humanity and no culture on this world appears to have come up with the answer.  Unleashed upon this world to deliver a bitter truth answering a riddle perhaps 100,000 thousand years old or more to a culture built largely on pretense is beyond a burden imaginable to those who have no choice but to comprehend and get on with the joy of life.  And, it should be a joy of life instead of the burden foisted upon so many by so few.

Fate chooses a woman to turn the tide of beasts responsible for the downward spiral of humanity into extinction.  Such is the overwhelming sense of celebrated ignorance, unearned dignity, and disregard for human life in this world, her chances at freeing the Earth Goddess can only be rated as doubtful.  To ease burden of the Poet, I pray she has true intent.


Mystics could have predicted passions of the Poet to mix the winds of destiny changing the course of the future no matter the intent of a woman built to fail the Earth Goddess as all the men before her.  WOMAN ON FIRE; Ending the War Against Women seeks literally to bring her to enlightenment on her knees in tears.  She who would consider becoming the first female president of these United States of America must know the weight of my tears.

Not Oppressed

There seems to be an entire breed of women in America who would rightfully denounce feminism by claiming they are not oppressed.  Feminism can be denounced for many sound reasons as that philosophical zombie will be dead soon, however that one or perhaps millions of women do not feel oppressed and have every right they would want does not mean other women are not oppressed.  I cannot give these women the dignity needed to speak up for women less fortunate than themselves.  Women of financial substance will probably never have to consider abortion or prostitution.  Women of financial substance think giving to charities now and then absolves their conscience and lifts their self-esteem.  Some women of financial substance have no conscience like the men they emulate.


A future will find women of America and indeed the world connected by consciousness because it is true.  Such connections have been whipped out of them by brutes and now feminism.  They have become brutish intent upon competing against other women and men.  Still, they have no clue why as a world they can no longer reproduce.


Camille Paglia
Camille Paglia

There is only one person in my limited consciousness who has come close to the riddle of humanity and it is of course a woman.



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Earth Goddess Cosmic Test

Crumbling Sandcastle Designs Vol. 2 (excerpt)

My love closed early in an off-Broadway play. Like a Central Park mugging in a New York minute, tears of apathy seemed to fall in vain. You collected all the tears showing me laughter in the pain.

from–Crumbling Sandcastle Designs, Volume 2, by Alan Kenneth Paine

Lady of the Night


Lady of the Night

Chapter Four

No man is good enough to govern any woman without her consent.

—Susan B. Anthony

Brutes along with the help of their female counterparts and mentally crippled followers sent women into the underworld to be preyed upon and controlled by evil. By outlawing and disgracing prostitution, women have become the prey of evil perverted men. Taking away her right to use her body sexually in any way she so chooses is an affront to individual rights and is one of the absolute main causes of sexual repression in America and all of the ugly repercussions. By outlawing prostitution the evil and incompetent hairy apes delivered the Earthly Goddess to her worst nightmare; the darkest depravities of men. It should be no surprise to see such depravities played out again and again in sexual crimes against women. Incompetence invents more laws as it is the only way they can understand such problems thereby building an even greater problem; the police state. The brute simply does not care and turns a blind eye to such crimes or profits from such crimes outright. What right does any man have to tell a woman what she can do with her body? What business is it of his? By repressing her sexuality via her individual rights he both maintains dominance of her and profits from her misery. Sexual repression creates more sexual predators than any other phenomena in America. By outlawing and repressing her sexuality and her one true power or counter-measure to his strength, the brutes maintain dominance keeping her by force and coercion from perhaps dominating him. It is a deluded fear. Outlawing prostitution, and we shall soon move away from this term altogether, creates a black market for sex and sex trafficking. For every girl or woman ever harmed as a result of such moronic slave-master laws, the blood remains on the hands of all those who would and have supported such laws. Blood does not wash off easily and it may leave a lasting mark.


Mimes of the Courtesans

Prostitution was legal in Athens, as long as it was not practiced by an Athenian citizen. This meant that prostitutes tended either to be slaves, whether female or male, or metics, who, not being born of Athenian parents could not themselves be citizens but who did have certain rights as resident aliens. Among prostitutes, a distinction was made between the common pornê (buyable woman) and the hetaira (hetaera) or companion, who usually was an accomplished courtesan and often more educated than respectable wives and daughters sequestered at home.

–Hetaira, Encyclopaedia Romana,

Prostitutes in ancient Rome were not well regarded because they were making a living through commerce of their own body. Other jobs such as Actress, Musician or Dancer also carried a similar social stigma but avoided the legal formalities and taxes which prostitutes faced. So, we see that even though Rome may have been the most evolved civilization with regards to sexuality, women were not totally free to do as they wish with their bodies and the business of prostitution was stigmatized most probably by men. It should be noted that there were also slaves in Rome at this time so as an overall civilization Rome was still a brutal patriarchal matrix.

According to, Lais of Corinth was the most famous and adored prostitute or courtesan of the ancients. Among her clients was the philosopher Aristippus and she was considered the most beautiful woman of the land. Ancient Greeks called ladies of the night “hetaera” and to some extent they were held in high esteem. However, as much as courtesans flourished during this time it still was done under patriarchal dominance and the Earthly Goddess only had limited freedom. Elites had the most freedom as always. Still, prostitution was viewed as a necessary function of society.


Aspasia was an accomplished courtesan, educated and trained in the art of conversation and entertainment, and may have met statesman Pericles at a symposium. Not permitted to marry an Athenian citizen, she came to live with him as his concubine after Pericles divorced his wife and bore him a child. Some scholars suggest that Aspasia was a brothel keeper and a harlot. However, Aspasia was mentioned in the writing of philosophers Plato, Aristophanes, Xenophon, and other authors of the day. It has also been suggested that the teachings of Aspasia influenced Socrates. Great thinkers of the time do not write about harlots. Reality paints a beautiful picture regardless of misguided brutes’ inability to learn from it. Culture does not build statues of harlots and Aspasia was an extraordinary woman the world does not know.


There is something to be learned from the Romans and Greeks but one will not learn it without the proper questions. History teaches us that the Romans were one of several societies to worship Goddesses. As the thesis here is to free the Earthly Goddess by toppling the patriarchal matrix, lessons missed from the Romans by contemporary man will not be missed by the new women’s movement and the warriors who lead it. Roman culture experienced a renaissance through sexuality. However, no one accounted for it properly. The message was interrupted by testosterone in their greater love for Gods. Goddesses, like Roman women, were never greater or more powerful than the male Gods. The Roman renaissance lifted their collective consciousness and likewise diminished their desire for war, conquest and general violence. It is because of this failure to recognize and account properly for their own spiritual and intellectual renaissance that Rome fell to Christianity. Also, the Romans produced fewer babies than the Christians and were over-run.

Venus, Goddess of Love survived the continued onslaught of jealous Christianity.
Venus, Goddess of Love survived the continued onslaught of jealous Christianity.

Ancient India worshiped Goddesses and I believe it continues today to a lesser extent. Still, look at the sad and pathetic culture of India today. It is a place of gang rapes in broad daylight. Sex trafficking is big business. And, I believe that it is almost a crime to give birth to a girl. There are more dirt roads in India than respect for females. Why is the Nation of India destined for extinction? Look to the Romans. They could not account properly for the renaissance they were having and never raised women in spirit or reality to her proper status. India is more religious than spiritual and religion knows blood, war, and arrogant ignoramuses. War drives such thinking and India is not that far removed from the pitfalls of war where men are needed and prized over girls. To be sure India had to get part of the overall equation correct to even have Goddesses. However, such divine femininity was never greater than their abhorrent Gods and now as a nation they are strangled by dirty dogma.

Sexuality as Power

The prostitute is not, as feminists claim, the victim of men but rather their conqueror, an outlaw who controls the sexual channel between nature and culture.

—Camille Paglia

In time and with evolution that is not dictated by brutes, what men and women could look forward to if prostitution were legal and held in cultural favor is better sex and more sexual love. There would of course be less sexual crimes. Prostitution would bring balance on several levels of life some of which are yet to be discovered. Prostitution is the balance between sex and sexual love. Prostitution allows man to understand and desire sexual love. As it is now man desires only sex in a blind quest to understand sexual love. Prostitution allows man to know the difference between sexual love and sex. Why is sexual love important? Let us answer that question later.

–WOMAN ON FIRE; Ending the War Against Women, by Alan Kenneth Paine

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“Something is wrong here: sex has been with us since the human race began its existence, yet I would estimate that 90 percent of human beings still suffer enormous inhibitions in this area.”
Xaviera Hollander

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The Goddess is Back

Goddess of Sacred Sex

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The Business of Sex


Goddess History


I have never deceived anybody for I have never belonged to anybody.  My independence was all my fortune, and I have known no other happiness; and it is still what attaches me to life.

–  Cora Pearl

“Cora Pearl was born Emma Elizabeth Crouch in 1835.  It is unclear whether or not her stepfather seduced her as she stated or if he molested her. Whatever the true story is, once she lost her virginity it was then that she turned to prostitution, because she could not go home. There are several wealthy men who became interested in her. Due to her having courtesan virtues such as intelligence, wit, talent, charm and discretion she moved from the streets into the courtesan lifestyle.”

from Courtesan Closeup at

Lost Sisterhood

HOOKER HEROES: Pioneers of the West

Prostitutes were foremost among the bold pioneer women who tamed the American West of the 1800s.

Nell Gwynn  became a British legend, the only royal mistress in English history to provoke popular affection.
Nell Gwynn became a British legend, the only royal mistress in English history to provoke popular affection.

Mistress of King Charles II, Nell Gwynn is credited with convincing the King to create a hospital for ex-service men which became a precursor to our modern VA Hospitals.

The whore is despised by the hypocritical world because she has made a realistic assessment of her assets and does not have to rely on fraud to make a living. In an area of human relations where fraud is regular practice between the sexes, her honesty is regarded with a mocking wonder.
Angela Carter


Prostitution is the most dangerous job in the world!  Why?  Because it has no protection from law enforcement being illegal.  Alcohol was one time prohibited in the United States and it did not stop the sale and consumption of liquor.  It went underground as does prostitution and as such creates a “Black Market” for women.  When prostitution is outlawed, prostitutes become outlaws and women become prey.

Feminists along with American government and religion have the blood of women on their hands and it is time for higher thinking.  Time to pay the Piper.

DSC_0041–Alan Kenneth Paine, Marquis Who’s Who in America, Arts & Literature, 2005-2010


Crumbling Sandcastle Designs, Vol. 4 (excerpt)


My love in timeless tears walked through a river of blood where spirits mourn in silence as pain screams their names. Bestowed a badge forged in tears and blood, I take wing for the dead and dying, for voices seen yet never heard, for sorrowful souls seeking peace from darkest dungeons of evil to prisons where there is no time.

–Alan Kenneth Paine