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The Riddle

November 22, 2014

Why can we no longer reproduce?  Such is the riddle of humanity and no culture on this world appears to have come up with the answer.  Unleashed upon this world to deliver a bitter truth answering a riddle perhaps 100,000 thousand years old or more to a culture built largely on pretense is beyond a burden imaginable to those who have no choice but to comprehend and get on with the joy of life.  And, it should be a joy of life instead of the burden foisted upon so many by so few.

Fate chooses a woman to turn the tide of beasts responsible for the downward spiral of humanity into extinction.  Such is the overwhelming sense of celebrated ignorance, unearned dignity, and disregard for human life in this world, her chances at freeing the Earth Goddess can only be rated as doubtful.  To ease burden of the Poet, I pray she has true intent.


Mystics could have predicted passions of the Poet to mix the winds of destiny changing the course of the future no matter the intent of a woman built to fail the Earth Goddess as all the men before her.  WOMAN ON FIRE; Ending the War Against Women seeks literally to bring her to enlightenment on her knees in tears.  She who would consider becoming the first female president of these United States of America must know the weight of my tears.

Not Oppressed

There seems to be an entire breed of women in America who would rightfully denounce feminism by claiming they are not oppressed.  Feminism can be denounced for many sound reasons as that philosophical zombie will be dead soon, however that one or perhaps millions of women do not feel oppressed and have every right they would want does not mean other women are not oppressed.  I cannot give these women the dignity needed to speak up for women less fortunate than themselves.  Women of financial substance will probably never have to consider abortion or prostitution.  Women of financial substance think giving to charities now and then absolves their conscience and lifts their self-esteem.  Some women of financial substance have no conscience like the men they emulate.


A future will find women of America and indeed the world connected by consciousness because it is true.  Such connections have been whipped out of them by brutes and now feminism.  They have become brutish intent upon competing against other women and men.  Still, they have no clue why as a world they can no longer reproduce.


Camille Paglia
Camille Paglia

There is only one person in my limited consciousness who has come close to the riddle of humanity and it is of course a woman.



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