Secrets of the Universe (Bonus Chapter 13)



Spirituality and visions were discussed in an earlier chapter and it may be important to mention 3 great leaders of enlightenment here as it may illustrate a point about philosophy and the lack thereof while also putting these heroes in a new context as it relates to women and the future. We will briefly discuss Gautama Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, and The Dalai Lama.


Buddha was born of aristocracy and such does not preclude one from enlightenment. However, it does taint the messenger a bit in the eyes of a Poet. Nevertheless, there are many paths to enlightenment and meditation is one. Buddha tells you to spread love and you do and you think you are enlightened. You are not. You did not do the work Buddha did to get to enlightenment. You cannot skip through life and call yourself something that you are not. You should have taken what was useful from Buddha and moved on to higher pursuits. Instead, you embrace a strange false sense of self-esteem into a status-quo life. Because Buddha came from Aristocracy, his enlightenment never took him to the glory of women. If the teachings of Buddha were workable as a way of life or religion then the nation of India would not today be one of the cesspools of the world.

Mahatma Gandhi should be remembered as the great freedom fighter he was leading India to independence and inspiring civil rights movements around the world. I am afraid he should not be remembered for much more. Again, the argument is look at India today. Also, what did Gandhi ever do for women? What great statement did Gandhi ever make about women? We have already discussed the fact that people who are great in one realm of life may be ignoramuses in other realms of life.

Dalai Lama FB Religion

We save the best for last in The Dalai Lama. Dalai Lama is a term given to the current spiritual teacher or guru of Tibet. He is chosen at birth I suspect by his birth chart or a message from the stars. The religion is Tibetan Buddhism differing from Hindu Buddhism I know not how and it is unimportant here. What is important is a quote attributed to The Dalai Lama reaching the Poet through Facebook.


I suspect the statement came from the current Dalai Lama if in fact he did make it. Well, the question then becomes why did neither Gandhi nor Buddha reach as high as The Dalai Lama in their ascension to enlightenment? We give much respect here to the Dalai Lama. A life accepted by The Dalai Lama should be taken by few men. He could not see what I see because his path to enlightenment is on a lesser level. The Dalai Lama is commanded to share his enlightenment as the cosmos commands such visionaries. He could not contemplate how his philosophy affects a mind looking for a shortcut. You must move on to higher matters or remain lost in the fog. More importantly you must do the work. The universe waits to talk to you and bestow great gifts. However, one cannot skip steps taken by The Dalai Lama and expect to be enlightened. The true matriarch society would have been discovered long ago if such were true. You must do the work to become a visionary and even then it simply may not be in your code.


It would appear The Dalai Lama and I are on the same page. The ‘matriarch society’ as prescribed here is not a vision but a solution to a vision of extinction. The Poet has only had two enlightening visions better described as ‘Cosmic Transferences’ spurred by Earthly Goddesses.

Quite respected here, it is the Dalai Lama alone who stands above the rest mentioned previously. The Dalai Lama is the only one of the three who never married. Tibetan monks do not marry and have no sex. The Dalai Lama is forever cut off from the highest ascension into spirituality and enlightenment because such a path leads through the Earthly Goddess and without her all men seeking spirituality and enlightenment will be limited in their pursuits. Buddha and Gandhi could not see or comprehend glorious gifts of the source in their own home. One has to wonder what the Dalai Lama could do if he were indeed married to an Earthly Goddess. NAMASTEDalai LamaThe-Dalai-Lama-007

WOMAN ON FIRE: Ending The War Against Women (Bonus Chapter 13)


It appears the people to a large degree need role models whether they admit it or not.  Some admit the opposite to a fault.  That is to say if a person has said something dreadful or otherwise gone afoul as to our philosophy we will hear no more from such person even if the information is new and perhaps helpful.  I remember posting something on Facebook from Fox TV celebrity, John Beck and someone had something derisive to say about him as opposed to the actual content of the post which I believe was about heroic Civil War men and women.  I have seen so much of this new faulty reasoning that I had to give it a name; Raising Ignorance to a Virtue.

Know that my mission can be stated as ending the war against women or saving humanity from extinction.  The statements are one in the same and I am here by stars and planets otherwise known as cosmic force I choose to call, Goddess.  I do not wish anyone to do as I do other than finding and answering your calling.  We are all  here with a mission.  I come to burn decaying culture to make way for Beauty.

Plato had a penchant for boys; Thomas Jefferson owned slaves, Albert Einstein was a bad father, and the list goes on and on until you just have to get over it knowing few of our heroes were perfect.  Looking for perfection belongs in the realm of spiritual journey and many of you are on the wrong path or no path at all.  A distant future sees a train heading toward a world dominated by Pagans and a love for Earth.  Do not be late for this train.


Spiritual Warrior

Cosmic Transference

The Riddle


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