Cosmic Transference

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Cosmic Transference

When this journey began almost exactly one year ago I announced enlightenment by a vision of extinction and the cause spurred by Divine Femininity. However, vision as a term does not account for the full experience of the Poet. Everyone has some psychic ability no matter how buried in the subconscious it may be. Visions were once a normal part of everyday life in ancient Rome and just about all ancient societies for that matter. No, my friends, it was something much more that gives birth to an answer to the riddle of humanity perhaps as old as this planet. This experience has happened to other men and it can only happen to men as women are the source. In my book I examine briefly this phenomena I now call ‘Cosmic Transference’ as it happened to Jim Jones, Charles Manson, and Joseph Smith.

Cosmic transference and the rainbow that is enlightenment can be heard in writings of Martin Luther King and Albert Einstein to name just two other men graced by the gift of the Earth Goddess. The Beast may have beaten, threatened, and brainwashed her memory into forgetting that she was once worshiped over him but he can never eliminate it from her soul. As her soul weeps she wonders why she cries. Surreal Souls live on an untouchable plane unavailable to savages yet always there seems to be a place reserved waiting for the Poet.

960_05_ASI02008_N200037  mileva maric 1

Currency needed to walk with ethereal love is cosmic love and cosmic love emanates from the Source. We would celebrate these great men in the coming matriarch society but all would know and celebrate the source respectively as Coretta Scott King and Mileva Maric.

Leslie Neilson and Walter Pidgeon in "Forebidden Planet" From;
Leslie Neilson and Walter Pidgeon in “Forebidden Planet”

What happened to the Poet can be compared to a scene in “Forbidden Planet”. Intellect has been expanded, but it is expanded in my field so to speak. It is a field of one and without a name. I suspect the ancients turned such men into priests long ago but the Poet came to life under a Grand Fire Trine which includes the God of War. Timing is everything and it is past time for priests as a trail will be blazed leading to the Priestess.


My mission does not fail and all that is yet to be written are the details leading to utopia. Slow and thoughtful or cataclysmic and dark, the world will turn on the wait of my tears.cropped-dsc_0041.jpg

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